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Edward Palonek
Edward Palonek; introduces a national search site to locate your unclaimed property. If you are one of those who does not find money on the street often enough, don't worry. There is a solution for you.

The creation of the video will help inform those who could have more money then they know.
Old school gets new life, new hope Wade Hemsworth 2007/10/29 (Oct 29, 2007) - The little ribbon across the front door didn't stand a chance.

Tim and Edward have sponsored the first scholarship valued at $7,000 per year. It will be an entry scholarship for the Senior School offered for the fall of '92. Candidates for this scholarship will have great interest in and talent for our new, frontier-breaking Information and Design Technology program.

"Many thanks for this major help in sharing the HSC experience, Tim and Edward"


The Best Ways to Find Money that you did not know you had, according to Edward Edward Palonek

Edward Palonek Scholarship Contribution to the Mohawk College of Applied Music Program
Edward Palonek Charity Contribution to the "Steeltown Friends of Mohawk Colledge Music"


and Tim has kick-started the Class of '78's scholarship plan for students at Hillfield Strathallan College

Canadian Better Business Bureaus Alert

Toronto, October 5, 2007
The Canadian Council of Better Business Bureaus (CCBBB) warns all businesses and consumers across Canada and the United States of a phishing scam using the BBB name, a false BBB email address and a link to the CCBBB website to lure recipients to access potentially damaging hyperlinks.


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