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Mineral Water

Water Coolers That Are Ideal For Offices & Workplaces

Water Coolers That Are Ideal For Offices & Workplaces

Ever had experience a situation of always having to bring a water bottle with you as you head into your office? Don’t you find it a hassle? Well, since you are working and probably have colleagues that feel the same way, why don’t you ask your boss to provide a water cooler to remove the inconvenience. If you have a water cooler at work, you won’t have to buy a bottle of water or keep refilling your own bottle from the tap!

Water Coolers What’s The Big Deal?

A water cooler is a machine that dispenses water in either a hot or cold state. Normally, they are available in either a non-bottle mains water fed or bottled fed water cooler options. There are various types of office water coolers available for rental or hire. Are you currently looking for a water cooler for your office? One of the first things to consider when considering the purchase or rental of a water coolers are the suitable areas around the office environment where a cooler may be conveniently located. It might well take up a lot more space than you expect.

Listed below are some of the more popular types of water cooler that might suit your office environment.

Symphony 12 CI wall mount ice and water dispenserWall-Mounted Water Coolers

A wall-mounted water dispenser is a type of a water dispenser that hangs from or is attached to a wall. If you only have a small space in your office, a wall-mounted dispenser won’t occupy too much space. A typical wall-mounted dispenser is often referred to by people as a drinking fountain. Ergonomic designs are also available specially designed for people who find turning on and off the dispenser very tiring. Other wall-mounted varieties feature a stainless button which is held continually in order to dispense water. When the button or tap is released, then it automatically switches the water flow off.

Wall-mounted coolers are powered by electricity to provide a continuous water supply of hot or cold water as required.

Glacier Water Cooler for Highbridge Springs Water in KentuckyFree-standing Water Coolers

The most common and mostly frequently purchased and rented water coolers are the those with a free-standing design that have a bottle of mineral water on top. The main benefit of this arrangement is the provision of nutritious mineral water that is filtered and available with hot and cold supply. So it’s perfect for you in working hours. If you need tea or coffee then you can have one. Or if you’d like cool refreshing water, you can get one readily from a free-standing water cooler.

Bottom-Loading Water Coolers

Like a free-standing water cooler, a bottom-loading water cooler requires bottled-water. But unlike the top loading free-standing variety, it doesn’t require the strength of a weightlifter to lift a heavy bottle of water just to fill the machine so you can get a drink! Why, because you will only need to put the bottled-water into the cooler at the base of the dispenser.

Bottom Load Water Cooler

Tabletop Water Coolers

If space in your office is too limited, then a tabletop water dispenser might be all you need. If you have a small spare table handy, you could place a tabletop cooler on top and voila you have cool fresh water on tap. The downside of these coolers however, are their size. Since the dispenser is relatively small, it can serve only small numbers of people. But this is not such an issue when refilling the unit is much easier than a top loading cooler!

Choose From A Range Of Water Coolers To Suit Your Needs

Honeywell 21 in. Hot and Cold Tabletop Water Cooler Dispenser in Black

So, there are several types of water cooler as you have seen and might want to purchase.

Others are fairly sizeable, and others are designed for additional specialist purposes.

Whatever water cooler it may be, just remember that you need to select one that is suitable for your needs and your office. Careful consideration beforehand will ensure that you make a wise choice.

Four Leading European Spring Mineral Water Brands

The Four Leading European Spring Mineral Water Brands

71% percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. That is one of the most essential things needed to live. Though all water should be considered as mineral water, by being purified and filtered, bottled mineral brands have grown fast in the world. Mineral water is considered in fact as the healthiest water to drink.


Europe has been said to be one of the richest continent out of all continents in the world. And while most of Europeans prefer bottled water than tap water, there are four leading European mineral water brands in this continent. What are those?

San Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water (1 L) (12 Bottles/Glass)San Pellegrino Mineral Water

Manufactured 600 years ago, the water was mineralized with limestone and volcanic rock after it was taken 1,300 ft. below the surface. San Pellegrino Mineral Water is an Italian brand mixed with fruit sodas fabricated in Lombardy, Italy.

San Pellegrino mineral water was produced at San Pellegrino Terme, obviously the reason for its name. Rumors had said that in 1509, this miraculous water facility had been visited by the well-known painter of Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci.

Owned by Nestle, San Pellegrino Mineral Water has been exported by several countries such as Europe, Australia, America and the Middle East. It is exported too in some countries of Asia like Japan, Taiwan and Hongkong.

However, San Pellegrino is not suitable for infants under 12 months of age.

Perrier Mineral Water

During roman times, the spring that is manufactured for Perrier was used as a spa. It was located somewhere in Southern France.

Perrier June Monthly 2015-products

A local doctor named Louis Perrier bought the spring and didn’t only run a spa but also bottled up the water to sell it. The water is called after his name Perrier.

Perrier is a best known French mineral water because of its water’s source that is naturally carbonated. After being purified, the level of carbon dioxide is added so that the Perrier’s level of carbonation would match the Vergeze spring.

The bottle of the water was a distinctive green color after doctor Louis Perrier sold his business to a wealthy British man named St.John Harmsworth that sold the spa later on and changed the name into Source Perrier. Advertised as a “champagne mineral water”, Perrier had been sold in almost a perfect percentage to Britain and as well as in U.S.

In 2013, Perrier mineral water had been sold for over 100 countries.

Evian Natural Spring Water

The third leading spring mineral water brand is originated also in France which source is in Évian-les-Bains in the shores of Lake Geneva that have been visited for over centuries by royalty persons like King George V and King Edward VII.

Also used for skin care purposes, Evian Natural Spring Water was owned by a French multinational corporation Danone. It was claimed by some survey that Evian is one of the best water to taste in the world. Why? Because Evian has a pH of 7.2. In Chemistry, it was taught that the scale of pH is from 0-14, setting numbers below 7 to be acidic while above 7 is basic. A 7pH is neutral, balancing the acidity and basicity of a product, which is why it explains that Evian Natural Spring Water is one of the best because of its neutrality.

Buxton Mineral Water

Buxton Mineral Water is a natural product of water claiming no added chemicals. Manufactured of course in Buxton,Derbyshire, England.BUXTON-MAIN-PACK-filtered

Buxton Mineral Water was bottled in 1980s. As a natural water mineral, Buxton Mineral Water was taken underground naturally until it popped up the surface.

There are two kinds of Buxton Mineral Water: The still and the sparkling. The still had a pH of 7.4, showing its neutrality as it neither go above nor below 7 pH. However the sparkling kind of Buxton Mineral Water has 5.2 pH which means it is more acidic as it has a chemical that was processed.

Importance of Mineral Water

Mineral water, compared from tap water and something related to that can be kind of expensive. But the healthiest water to drink is a mineral water. Filtered and purified, mineral water brings important minerals to your body such as calcium, magnesium and iron that can bring healthiness in your body and daily living.

What is Mineral Water and Where Does it Come From?

What is Mineral Water and Where Does it Come From?

When it comes to drinking water, people around the world have gotten picky, preferring of course the safest water to drink. Mineral water has been the top choice for them, as it is taken naturally and gives off benefits.

Cross-section showing the origin of tap, spring and mineral water

What is Mineral Water?

A Mineral Water is a water taken from mineral spring that carries different minerals like salt and sulphur compounds. Mostly found from springs, mineral water was used in different ways such as for the spa, bathing and wells. It is used for consumption water and to be bathed. Now, Mineral water is mostly bottled, having two of its type: The Still and the Sparkling.

The still mineral water is a non-effervescent or non-carbonated type of water which means it doesn’t give off bubbles of gas. It is not a fizzy.

Brands we can see from a still mineral water are San Pellegrino, Perrier, and Vichy and so on.

Sparkling mineral water on the other hand is the effervescent and a fizzy type of mineral water due to carbon dioxide gas under pressure was evaporated. With the cold and bubbled up drink, sparkling mineral water gives you a lot of benefits.

Both minerals and non-minerals can be found as dissolved solids so it will take a lot of processes like purification and filtration to make it drinkable.

Where does Mineral Water Come From?

Mineral water was taken from underground, but it doesn’t undergo a process like how you undergo a process in spring water. Spring water was taken directly at a natural source, while Mineral water would still pour forth through the rocks before being bottled up.

There might be a lot of processes before the water is considered mineral, as it must have the total of 250 total dissolved minerals or solids that are found naturally under water. Through laboratory experiment, mineral water should be substantiated as which a litre of it vaporized at 180 degree C should have remains of salt and minerals.

Mineral water can be found anywhere at various locations and was under processed for drinking purposes. For instance, San Pellegrino was found underground 1,300 ft. below the surface. Sometimes, they said that the dissolved solids of mineral water is a persistent organic pollutant, while some believed too that this dissolved solid minerals can bring them health benefits and all.

The Health Benefits of Mineral Water

Are there any benefits you can have by drinking mineral water? Well, there is. There are several of reasons why a mineral water benefits a person’s body. One of these is it helps purify you from alcohol and any harmful materials as it will make it flow out from your body. Mineral water too is free from calories, so worrying about gaining weight is useless. Drinking mineral water too, especially sparkling mineral water, may motivate you to drink more. Because of its fizzy and carbonated kind, it tastes better and you would want to drink plenty of it than those plain ones. Through that, it will keep you hydrated.

Mineral water helps you strengthen your immune system and relaxes your body for it contained magnesium. Also, mineral water helps you to balance your digestive system, keeping you bowel movement working regularly.