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What is Mineral Water and Where Does it Come From?

What is Mineral Water and Where Does it Come From?

When it comes to drinking water, people around the world have gotten picky, preferring of course the safest water to drink. Mineral water has been the top choice for them, as it is taken naturally and gives off benefits.

Cross-section showing the origin of tap, spring and mineral water

What is Mineral Water?

A Mineral Water is a water taken from mineral spring that carries different minerals like salt and sulphur compounds. Mostly found from springs, mineral water was used in different ways such as for the spa, bathing and wells. It is used for consumption water and to be bathed. Now, Mineral water is mostly bottled, having two of its type: The Still and the Sparkling.

The still mineral water is a non-effervescent or non-carbonated type of water which means it doesn’t give off bubbles of gas. It is not a fizzy.

Brands we can see from a still mineral water are San Pellegrino, Perrier, and Vichy and so on.

Sparkling mineral water on the other hand is the effervescent and a fizzy type of mineral water due to carbon dioxide gas under pressure was evaporated. With the cold and bubbled up drink, sparkling mineral water gives you a lot of benefits.

Both minerals and non-minerals can be found as dissolved solids so it will take a lot of processes like purification and filtration to make it drinkable.

Where does Mineral Water Come From?

Mineral water was taken from underground, but it doesn’t undergo a process like how you undergo a process in spring water. Spring water was taken directly at a natural source, while Mineral water would still pour forth through the rocks before being bottled up.

There might be a lot of processes before the water is considered mineral, as it must have the total of 250 total dissolved minerals or solids that are found naturally under water. Through laboratory experiment, mineral water should be substantiated as which a litre of it vaporized at 180 degree C should have remains of salt and minerals.

Mineral water can be found anywhere at various locations and was under processed for drinking purposes. For instance, San Pellegrino was found underground 1,300 ft. below the surface. Sometimes, they said that the dissolved solids of mineral water is a persistent organic pollutant, while some believed too that this dissolved solid minerals can bring them health benefits and all.

The Health Benefits of Mineral Water

Are there any benefits you can have by drinking mineral water? Well, there is. There are several of reasons why a mineral water benefits a person’s body. One of these is it helps purify you from alcohol and any harmful materials as it will make it flow out from your body. Mineral water too is free from calories, so worrying about gaining weight is useless. Drinking mineral water too, especially sparkling mineral water, may motivate you to drink more. Because of its fizzy and carbonated kind, it tastes better and you would want to drink plenty of it than those plain ones. Through that, it will keep you hydrated.

Mineral water helps you strengthen your immune system and relaxes your body for it contained magnesium. Also, mineral water helps you to balance your digestive system, keeping you bowel movement working regularly.

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