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Office Water Cooler Up-date

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He said there are more than 300 wells affected so far. He said the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is sinking test wells in areas and taking water samples. Lichon said right now DHD No. 2s role in the community is to help residents find clean water sources. Either they are getting the reverse osmosis system most people are taking that system over the having the water cooler put in their homes and we work with them, he said. We attend meetings and we are kind of a go between with the township and the state, that has been kind of our role in this. So far Lichon said there have been 65 reverse osmosis systems and 22 water cooler systems installed, with some pending systems to be installed in Oscoda. Lichon said he was unsure what new information would be presented at the meeting, but it was a good way for the public to get refreshed on the situation. Its an updating on where things stand, and information that we may Just Water Fountain have, he said. There are seasonal residents too that have not been in the area since last fall, it gives them a chance to ask questions of the state and the Air Force and it kind of gives them a chance for the feedback. Lichon said one new aspect of the issue is Bryan asking the state for more funding to help replace the filters in the reverse osmosis systems installed a year ago. The filters are a few hundred dollars, he said. Were hoping to get some reply back on that.

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