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The Science Of Water

Heath Benefits of Water

Heath Benefits of water

Water is very important in human’s body. In fact, it the main component that fills in human’s body. A person can take not to eat in 3-5 days, but if a person can’t drink a water in a day, he will immediately get dehydrated. A person is needs to drink 8-10 bottles a day. Not to mention that water brings no fat, calories, sugar and/or carbohydrates, and enough water consumption can gain you benefits.

Health Benefits of Clean Water

Water Gets Rid of Exhaustion

A lesser amount of water contained in your body is sometimes the reason why you get tired and stressed. A small amount of water inside in your body can cause heart to pump blood harder to your bloodstream which causes other organs to work ineffectively. So, to help yourself get rid of fatigue or exhaustion, enough water to drink is one of the solutions.

Water Relieves Headaches

If you often get headaches from work or school and any other businesses, or have a regular headache or migraine even you didn’t do anything at all, drinking plenty of water could help you to be relieved.

A small amount of water in your body is one of the main reason why you get dehydrated, and dehydration can cause pains in your body such as a headache.

Water Aids your Constipation and Digestion

Have you ever experienced not being able to dispose for a day or two and even a week? Some people have, and it is unavoidable. Not being able to dispose your waste can cause discomfort in everyday tasks in your life and that is because there might be a problem in your digestion or you might have  constipation.

Not drinking enough amount of water can cause constipation that causes a difficulty to empty your bowels.

Water Washes Out Toxins from your Body

One of the best and most important benefits you can gain from water is it serves as cleansing and washing out unwelcome toxins from your body.

Water Reduces The Onset of Kidney Stones

Sometimes too much salt and eating of unhealthy foods may cause your kidneys to not function well. Water helps you lessen your kidney stones as it weakens the salt in your body that can cause kidney stones to develop. So when you have a kidney problem, plenty of water intake can help you to solve  it.

Importance of Water in One’s Body

So why is water so important? 70% of water is in a human’s body, which is the sign that humans must really need to drink adequate amounts of water in a day. To have healthy well-functioning organs and a healthy well-functioned life, then help yourself to practice drinking water. 8-10 glasses a day, or following the advice from Institute of Medicine that women should drink 9 glass a day while men should have 13 glass then you can do that too. The more glasses, the healthier body. Because from the benefits listed above, that explains already on why water is not only precious but needed.

Interesting Facts About Water

Facts about Water

Interesting Facts About Water

Water has been one of the most important things in life. Without this, life might end up with a lot of complications. But as you have known already about what is water and any facts about it, there might still be other facts that you might not know.

Listed below are one of some interesting facts about water.

Did you know?

That 70% of the Human Body is Water

Containing all the tissues, blood and bones and so on, most of the human’s body has water or fluid filled in such as plasma, intracellular and extracellular fluid, interstitial and transcellular fluid. Human male adult’s average amount of water inside his body is 69.69%.

Water comes from Different States: Water, Liquid and Gas

There are three different states of water. These are Solid, Liquid and Gas. While Solid comes in the form of ice, making the molecules spread farther out. The fluid state of water is the liquid that which can be seen and is used most of the time. The last state of water is gas which is cannot be seen by all of the people. But water is there, even when you can’t see it. As you have observed, when you boil  water for instance, the water changes from liquid to gas, and that’s what they call water vapour.

A human being can survive for about a month without food, but only about a week without water

Not drinking enough of water can cause dehydration. Dehydration can be mild, moderate or severe, depending how much water you have lost. Yes, dehydration is a condition where you have lost more than the amount of water you have every day.

The most tasteful water has to have 7pH scale

Water that has a pH that is lesser than 7pH is an acid kind of water which means it’s salty while water that has a pH that is bigger than 7pH is a base which means it’s bitter.

5.7 Billion Of water in America are used for flushing the toilet

With every second, there are people who will need to dispose some waste. Water used just for flushing toilet in America had reached almost 6 Billion of water.

There are a lot of interesting facts of Water you can still see and know that you might not know before. Some include:

  • In 2016, there are 36 countries that experienced water shortage;
  • In Africa, almost 41 billion hours has to spend first in exerting effort before getting some water;
  • Nile River is the longest river in the world;
  • Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean in the world;
  • When freezes, water enlarges up to 9%;
  • Hydropower can create Electricity; and so on
  • Whatever Kind of Water, All Are Significant

It’s true that water plays a very important factor in our lives. May it be used for bathing, anything and drink; may it can be ocean and river or the bottled water, all of them are needed for you to be able to continue living your life.